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Industrial Internet platform of lifting equipment industry

Weihua group takes the lead in applying industrial Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to crane industry, developing intelligent products and building "industrial Internet platform for lifting equipment industry" to meet the needs of digitalization, networking and intelligence of lifting equipment manufacturing industry. It has achieved ten functions, including overall statistics of lifting equipment product data, real-time monitoring of product conditions, historical data query, rapid maintenance of product faults, predictive maintenance of equipment, rapid delivery of spare parts, R & D and product quality optimization, industrial enterprise management, government supervision and mobile terminal management. It not only improves the efficiency of equipment operation and maintenance and the quality of product service, but also reduces the major safety accidents of cranes. Provide data value-added services for product end users, crane manufacturers, accessory suppliers and government supervision.

  • Weihua group big data service center

    With the help of the new generation Internet technology, Weihua group established the industrial big data center of Weihua group, built the mobile collaborative business system, shared service platform and data analysis system, strengthened internal control, reduced risk and improved efficiency through it platform, and realized "collaborative business and centralized control". Through data mining technology, improve the level of R & D, manufacturing and service, and provide data support for scientific decision-making of enterprises. The integration level of the two is in the leading position in the same industry.

Big data center related honors
Weihua has successively won the honors of national industrial Internet pilot demonstration enterprise, National Internet of things integrated innovation and integrated application demonstration enterprise, national manufacturing industry and Internet integrated development pilot demonstration enterprise, the first batch of national integration and implementation pilot demonstration enterprise, Henan industrial Internet platform cultivation enterprise, etc.
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